“I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring the concept of self actualization by investigating psychology and mental health through a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, fibres, and performance art. Specifically, I am interested in researching vulnerability by investigating its relationship to shame, worthiness, intimacy, childhood, and identity. The constant flux in human psychology due to external or biological changes means that nobody can be fully ‘actualized.’ Therefore, I am interested in actualizing as a continuous process and an approach to constantly build a relationship with the self and the subconscious.

As I come closer to the end of my undergraduate studies in Studio Art at Concordia University, I am motivated by exploring new materials and research to further my understanding of actualization. The most prominent figure that has motivated my work has been Brené Brown, a writer and researcher of vulnerability and shame. In my early work, I explored vulnerability in relation to childhood through expressive, narrative painting. Vulnerability is something that children are excellent at and therefore my naive paintings are intended to express developed themes such as intimacy and vulnerability while communicating these ideas through a child-like lens and sense of expression.

My current individual art practice continues to investigate child-like sensibilities while exploring psychology by looking at mental health through personal healing and therapy. I am most drawn to using therapy techniques as a tool to propel my artistic practice. Such techniques include grounding and emotional release exercises and are mainly expressed by physical actions of the body which I often express through performance art or video documented performance.”

Instagram: erica_hart

Email: contact.ericahart@gmail.com

Erica Hart is an interdisciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario. She currently lives in Montréal, QC, completing her BFA at Concordia University. Exploring notions of psychology and mental health, her work reflects the process of continuous self-actualizing through drawing, painting, fibres and performance.

Erica has displayed work in multiple group shows in her hometown and Montréal. Such galleries include The Twist Gallery (Toronto) and Glass Door Gallery (Montréal). She is the co-founder and curator of a collective called Somewhere Shared. Other members of the collective include Rachelle Alexandra Fleury, Maggie Hope, and Olivia Deresti. Inspired by Dada art-happenings and socially engaged art practices, Somewhere Shared curates exhibitions in unconventional spaces that motivate viewer collaboration. Moving forward, Erica will be participating in three group shows; Somewhere Inside (2019), Art Matters (2019), and a undergraduate group show at the end of March (2019).

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